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Chantix Sucks

2012 September 25
by ChantixSurvivor

Pfizer acknowledges that Chantix causes some really nasty side effects in some people.  But, the company continues to market the drug.  What in the HELL does it take to get a drug off the market anymore?????

I created this blog so the next person who has a nightmare with this medication doesn’t feel as alone as I did when I started falling apart.Have a Chantix/Champix story to share? Mail it to me at Yes, I will even publish the “positive” ones.

A Story from Our Mailbag

2013 November 12
by ChantixSurvivor

This story was sent to us at    We are pasting it here exactly as it was sent, with no editing other than to break it up into paragraphs for easier viewing on your screen.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this after being woken from a terrible nightmare that I don’t ever want to remember or talk about. This is the second night this week that I have been abruptly awakened by nightmares. Since I cannot sleep, I took to the internet to find answers; which is where I found a forum to email this address. I’m not sure if this gets to the right person, but at least I’m getting this off my chest. I have smoked for 19 years and had become desperate to quit. I went to my doctor and asked for an aid to help me stop smoking.

My doctor gave me a prescription and also a warning. I didn’t think anything of the warning besides it was mandatory to give advice for all medications. Now that I think about it the pharmacist pulled me to the side and also warned me of this prescription. I guess I should have paid more attention to the signs. Anyways, for the past month and a half I have taken Chantix. At first I had no major side effects besides the normal agitation of quitting smoking and occasional dreams of the actual name of the drug Pfizer. The drug name often appeared in my dreams dancing  in flashing lights as though it was a billboard sign in Vegas.

Then about three weeks into taking this pill, my husband brought to my attention that I have major mood swings that consist of mostly being angry and aggravated all the time. At first, I just thought it was normal to feel this way. Now, almost two months later, there is no way I should have these changes in my behavior. Now to add to my mood disorder, I am having horrific nightmares. I cannot stress to you enough that the nightmares I’ve had the past few nights would make any sane person insane. But my faith in God is stronger than what’s going on with my mind and body.

I hope that this is read by someone who really wants to hear what Chantix has done to me. As of now, I will never take this drug nor will I ever recommend it to anyone. It may be the drug that helped me to stop smoking a pack a day, but it’s also the drug that I pray will not have a permanent affect on me as a person. I would definitely agree, after reading other reviews, that this drug is probably more dangerous than any illegal street drug out there.

Reporter Looking Into Chantix

2013 November 1
by ChantixSurvivor

I was contacted today by a fellow blogger who said that a reporter is wanting to talk to anyone who took Chantix and had a bad experience with it.  If you are interested in talking with this reporter, please e-mail us at with your contact information and we will pass it on to the reporter.



More Lawsuit Information

2013 April 30
by ChantixSurvivor

Those of you who feel you might have a lawsuit or claim for injuries should probably review this article:

For Those Who Feel They Have Been Injured by Chantix

2013 April 21
by ChantixSurvivor

I have spoken with an attorney who indicated the following information to me.  I cannot and have not verified this, but, did feel I should pass it along to those of you who believe you or a loved one has been injured by Chantix:

1.  The settlement that Pfizer has reached is final and will clear up most of the outstanding claims.

2.  No attorneys are taking new cases against Pfizer for Chantix injuries.  The black box warning on the label coupled with the recent settlement fund precludes new lawsuits against Pfizer.

I don’t share this to discourage you, just to let you know that if you want an attorney you should start calling and trying to find one now, and, don’t be surprised if you can’t find one to represent you.

Naturally, if anyone out there has additional information about this, or, if any law firms are taking cases and would like to be featured on this blog, please contact us at


Legal Action Wrapping Up

2013 April 21
by ChantixSurvivor

I have heard from a reputable attorney in the multi-district litigation against Pfizer some information that may be of interest to those of you who have already filed lawsuits:

1. As the settlement is wrapping up, those of you with prior claims and legal representation should be hearing from your attorney with an offer of settlement.

2. Points are assigned for various injuries and factors (Such as if a doctor confirmed that Chantix caused you to be injured). Other points may be deducted for various things that weaken your case. Your total points will be multiplied by a dollar amount per point and that will be your offer of settlement.

3. Your attorney’s fees and expenses will be deducted from that amount. Your original agreement with the attorney will dictate what those are.

If you have not heard from your attorney, I’d advise contacting him/her for an update.