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Chantix Sucks

2014 May 28
by ChantixSurvivor

Pfizer acknowledges that Chantix causes some really nasty side effects in some people.  But, the company continues to market the drug.  What in the HELL does it take to get a drug off the market anymore?????

I created this blog so the next person who has a nightmare with this medication doesn’t feel as alone as I did when I started falling apart.Have a Chantix/Champix story to share? Mail it to me at Yes, I will even publish the “positive” ones.

CHANTIX: Important Series of Articles

2015 December 11
by ChantixSurvivor

These articles were just published online and they are important for anyone to read before taking Chantix.    


Reporter Wants to Talk to People Who Have Taken Chantix

2015 November 10
by ChantixSurvivor

If you or a loved one has experienced suicidal or homicidal ideation/behavior after taking Chantix and you are willing to be interviewed about your experience, email me at patrickhahn (at) I am a free-lance writer specializing in medical harm. My writing has appeared in Biology-Online, the Canada Free Press, and the Baltimore Sun. Patrick D Hahn

A Small Victory

2014 October 16
by ChantixSurvivor

Today FDA hearings were held to consider removing the black box warning on the Chantix label.  Pfizer wanted the warnings removed, but, the testimony resulted in an 18-1 ruling that the warning remain on the label.




Sally’s Experience with Chantix

2014 September 27
by ChantixSurvivor

Last year (2013) my husband was taking Chantix. He became very aggressive and mean.  Everyone told him to stop taking it.  It didn’t work for him, so he just kept smoking.  I noticed he had a lot of pills left and he told me I could have them.  I took them for a couple of weeks and began to shut down, isolating myself, and sleeping most of the day and night.

One day I lay on my bed and had this overpowering URGE TO DIE.  I tell you this in hindsight because, when all of this was happening, I just thought I was insane, that the defect was mine alone.  I took a bottle of my husband’s pills and downed them with diet soda.  I lay in my bed and went to sleep.  I later woke up in the ICU on a ventilator after a ten day long coma.  I was told that I coded and they had revived me.  I was in bed so long that I was on anti-coagulant therapy.  I could not enunciate.  I had bedsores, I had to wear diapers,  I had dozens of x-rays, multiple MRIs, a very high fever which required ice packs all over my body, muscle atrophy, countless IV and needle injections, and so on. Most of which I don’t remember.  I was in bed, in the hospital for FOUR MONTHS.  I had only been in the hospital for the birth of my kids before, and nothing else. I could not talk, walk, or even remember my own phone number.

I am still recovering from the most devastating experience of my life.  The worst part about this was the message it gave my family, besides the one that I was crazy, the idea that I did not love them enough to want to live.  I will never be able to forgive myself but, knowing there are others out there like you, helps a lot.

I did not put the pieces together until I was recovering at home and I saw the warnings about suicidal behavior on the Chantix commercials.

I had never attempted suicide before and of course, will never again.  I almost lost my life and my family was at great risk without me there.  My husband and my children cried over me in my hospital bed and begged me to never do it again.  My wonderful son said to me that I really hurt him.  This was the first time in his 25 years, he ever uttered those words to me. 

Chantix and Bipolar Disorder

2014 July 17
by ChantixSurvivor

Here’s some good reading about bipolar disorder and Chantix:


I can definitely relate to this because my doctor ignored all the signs that I was having a bad reaction to Chantix.   He also ignored my history of depression when prescribing it and other doctors after him also didn’t see the link between the Chantix and my near nervous breakdown.  I eventually found doctors who verified that’s what caused it, but, it took fighting and refusing to accept a diagnosis that I didn’t agree with.