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Chantix Sucks

2014 May 28
by ChantixSurvivor

Pfizer acknowledges that Chantix causes some really nasty side effects in some people.  But, the company continues to market the drug.  What in the HELL does it take to get a drug off the market anymore?????

I created this blog so the next person who has a nightmare with this medication doesn’t feel as alone as I did when I started falling apart.Have a Chantix/Champix story to share? Mail it to me at Yes, I will even publish the “positive” ones.

Chantix and Bipolar Disorder

2014 July 17
by ChantixSurvivor

Here’s some good reading about bipolar disorder and Chantix:


I can definitely relate to this because my doctor ignored all the signs that I was having a bad reaction to Chantix.   He also ignored my history of depression when prescribing it and other doctors after him also didn’t see the link between the Chantix and my near nervous breakdown.  I eventually found doctors who verified that’s what caused it, but, it took fighting and refusing to accept a diagnosis that I didn’t agree with.



N’s Story

2014 June 6
by ChantixSurvivor

I would like to share a Chantix story about my older brother, Joel. At the time I was living in Utah and tried to visit my brother and his family often. But it’s a 12 hour drive, so I wasn’t able to visit as much as I would have liked. I was really close to my brother. In August of 2013 I decided that I needed to live closer to my brother, his family, and my best friends. So I moved from Utah to Arizona. I lived 7 minutes from his house. I hung out with him atleast 3 times a week. I have always been close to my brother, but this brought us even closer. He was my best friend, we told each other everything.

For the past couple years his wife had been very ill. She was in and out of hospitals, but they could never find out what was wrong with her. She had to quit her job because health wise she couldn’t do it anymore. My brother became the main provider for the family. Joel had been smoking since he was 17 years old. So at 26 he decided to quit smoking. He couldn’t chance something happening to him. He didn’t want to see his daughter grow up without parents. He didn’t want to risk his wives 3 kids growing up without parents. He was finding quitting cold turkey to be difficult, so in November he went to the doctor and was prescribed Chantix. He took it for two weeks and stopped. He said that it made him “feel funny”, but he never elaborated. Which was weird because we told each other everything.

He continued to smoke, just not as much. Everything seemed to be going fine, although his behavior was a little off. He wasn’t as involved with family. He would kind of go off and do his own thing, which was out of character for him. But whenever we would ask if he was okay, he would always smile and say “I’m fine”.

On February 14th, 2014 at 2:15 in the morning I got a phone call. It was from his wife. It didn’t ring all the way through, so I didn’t think anything of it. In my mind I was selfishly thinking “I have to get up in three hours for work and work a 10 hour shift. I gotta to be rested because I’m spending Valentines with my boyfriend later”. Then I got three other phone calls from a number I didn’t recognize. None of them rang all the way through. On the fourth call I finally decided it was probably important and I should wake up and grab it. It was my brother’s wife’s step mom, whom lived with them. She calmly said to me “Nicole sweetie, you have to get up and come to the house.” I asked why? And she replied “Your brother tried to hang himself.” I immediately hung up and put on whatever clothes I could find and raced to my brothers house. That 7 minute drive was excruciating. I was hysterical and praying to God the whole time. I kept repeating “Please let him be okay. Please. I need him.” I begged and pleaded, because I was told that he just ‘tried’ to commit suicide. When I rounded the corner to his neighborhood I was a fire truck and ambulance slowly driving away. No lights were on. I thought “Well that’s a good sign, he’s probably not injured. They’re just taking him to evaluate him”. But when his house came into focus, I realized I was wrong. There were about 8 cop cars there and the house was caution taped. I could hear my sister in law hysterically crying. I froze. My heart shattered. And I knew. At 2:30 am, on Valentine’s Day, I was told by an officer that my brother had hung himself and he was no longer with us. I dropped to the ground. My life was altered and nothing made sense.

He was still inside the house. And so were the four kids, all soundly asleep. No one could go into the house. One by one I saw the kids come out. They looked so confused. Then the tears came when a rude officer had told them that their dad had died. I went through so many emotions in that one moment. I was angry, because how could someone do this to their children. And how could my brother leave me out here in Arizona with no family? Then I was mad at his wife, thinking “What did you do to him?!”. Then I was sad, because now they’re going to grow up without a father and me without my brother and best friend. I went back and fourth between these feelings all day.

The next day we heard more details about what had happened. He hung himself using the door in the closet. There was no alcohol around him, no drugs. My brother rarely drank and never used drugs. His wife had fell asleep on the couch. He was last seen in the bedroom playing video games at midnight. At 1:30 his wife had woken up and went to go to the bedroom. He wasn’t in bed. So she went outside to see if maybe he was outside smoking. He wasn’t there either. She began to slightly panic, so she went back to the bedroom to call his cell phone. That’s when she saw the closet light on and the belt over the door. He wasn’t in pj’s, he was in normal clothes. He had even put his flip flops on. The last thing he was doing was downloading games and music on his new phone he just got the day before.

I felt a whirlwind of emotions the following days. I was so confused. But then I had a moment of clearity. It wasn’t him. It simply wasn’t. There’s no way that he would do something like that. He wasn’t depressed and he wasn’t unhappy with his life. He always lit up a room with his smile and his goofy personality. Also, his 6 year old daughter was his pride and joy. He would never abandon her. Or his step children for that matter. He would also not hang himself where his 13 year old step daughter could find him. She often gets ready in the morning in there. He wouldn’t have left his sick wife to support 4 kids alone. He also wouldn’t leave me. He wouldn’t have asked me to move out there and then leave me alone. He wouldn’t leave me behind to plan his funeral when just four years ago we planned our moms. He was a loyal and courageous man. He married a women would had 3 kids from a previous relationship. He raised them as his own. How many men do you know that would do that? That kind of man wouldn’t hang himself and abandon his responsibilities.

When we got his autopsy back, it all made sense. The only thing in his system was Chantix. They told us that it was almost certainly the cause. This is a dangerous drug. And I look forward to the day that it’s off the market. I don’t want another family to have to go through what we did. Hopefully the story of Joel will convince someone not to take Chantix. Even if it’s just one person, I’ll be happy.

Maybe Justice will Be Done?

2014 May 29
by ChantixSurvivor

You’ll note in this article that Pfizer was asked to produce documents and simply refused to.  I think if the rest of us did that, we’d be incarcerated, wouldn’t we?

L’s Story

2014 May 28
by ChantixSurvivor

I’m writing today to share my story about chantix.  I began taking it on February 13, 2014. On day 8 of being on this medication I started experiencing some side effects, nothing to crazy. I was still able to sleep at night and not suicidal as those two side effects are common. The only side affect I had was being nauseous within 5 minutes of taking chantix and also “sneezing” sometimes it ended up with me in the bathroom. Around day 12 I had no cravings for a cigarette and choose not to pick one back up. The very next day I had splotches on my face and felt horrible when I took chantix and could not hold the pill down. I decided I wouldn’t continue taking chantix even though they recommend you continue taking it for 12 weeks  so you don’t relapse. Still not exactly sure why my face was breaking out as I never had any outbreaks. A few more days went by and my “rash” spread from my face and down my neck. It felt like someone was setting me on fire. I went to the doctors and was told that I was having an allergic reaction from the chantix and their was only a 1% chance of a rash as a side effect. I should play the lottery right? If anything came out of chantix I am still smoke free. Here are some photo’s that I would like to share with others if anyone else would happen to be in that 1% as I was. Thank you for letting me share my experience.

K’s Story

2014 May 28
by ChantixSurvivor

To whom it my concern,

My husband and I starting taking Chantix at the same time. We had been advised of the side effects and pretty much dismissed them with “All drugs side effects that your Dr. must tell you about. The mental side effects began to occur rapidly. Out of the blue my husband tells me he’s leaving me. We’ve been married for 27 happy yrs.  After that bit of devastation we still had not figured out that Chantix could be cause for this bout of irrational behavior. We continued taking the drug while we tried to fix a marriage that neither one of us could understand how it fell apart. The depression for both of us became severe. I wanted to kill him then myself. Hell I plotted doing it. If my husband hadn’t taken the guns out of the house I may have gone through with it. We couldn’t talk to each other with him being angry and me crying. Every day we took Chantix the depression spiraled deeper and darker.


After 3 weeks of this hell we knew something had to be causing these personality changes.  The common denominator  was Chantix.  We stopped taking the drug. Three days later that black fog began to lift. We looked at each other and realized the hateful  damage we had done to one another. Five days off Chantix and it’s like breathing for the first time! I knew I had good life before I started taking Chantix, but the drug made it seem like that was 30 yrs. Ago and the only life that was “real” was the miserable Chantix life. We only took it for a short time, but the “Chantix life” had taken over and we couldn’t see any other life. All joy had disappeared…ALL JOY. In our minds EVERYTHING we enjoyed before taking Chantix was strangely  gone. Our minds had convinced us that all the life we had before was one big lie and this misery was real.  The personality change was who we really are. The hate was real. It’s difficult to truly explain the metal state of our minds while on Chantix. We went through all this mental pain and never stopped smoking. It was all for nothing.


Chantix came very close to ruining our lives. The scary thing is that  it came close to ending our lives. We now look at each other with love again. As bad as it was I’m grateful we went through it together. No one can understand the mental pain Chantix can cause unless you’ve experienced it.  The drug should never be on the market. No Dr. should ever risk a patients  mental health by prescribing this drug. As bad as smoking is for your physical  health,  Chantix far worse on your mental health.


Please someone help get this drug off the market!



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