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So just 98 suicides… that’s ALL?????

2011 February 18
by ChantixSurvivor

I just cannot resist pointing this out….  See the video report from ABC in Raleigh, NC:

Then, I want you to just imagine how you’d feel if your loved one was one of the 98 suicides, as the doctor told you, “Yeah, but at least s/he didn’t smoke just before ending it all…”

How DARE these people at Pfizer and at smoking cessation centers around the country make light of 98 people being dead.  I don’t give a furry rat’s ass if there are “only” 98 suicides the FDA knows of that are linked to this medication, and I also don’t care if that’s a “tiny percentage” of those who have used it successfully.  These side effects are NOT rashes, they aren’t excess gas, or loss of hair, or zits.  Real people killed themselves while on this medication, and I am one of the LUCKY ONES who lived to tell about what it feels like to WANT to die.  If you’ve NEVER been IN that much in pain, you have no idea what I’m talking about and I don’t expect you to understand.

I’m sure Pfizer and my former doctor and everyone else who’s tired of listening to me wonders what it would take to make me feel better.  I can’t say for sure what will ever heal this for me.  But I will tell you one thing that would do wonders for me….

… if these people at Pfizer, and the doctors who prostitute themselves to Pfizer, would just acknowledge that this is a real side effect of the medication.  Compensate the families of the deceased.  Then, take proper steps to ensure that doctors warn their patients and protect them from harm when they start taking it.  As I have told many people over the last few years who asked my advice ….  and I think any RESPONSIBLE physician who is going to prescribe this medication should offer up something similar:

“Make sure someone watches you.  Several times a day, check in with someone who knows you.  Have them make sure you aren’t showing signs of aggression.  Or depression.  And have a pact  in place that says you’ll trust that person no matter what if they tell you ‘It’s time to see the doctor… you’re not yourself.’

But see, the FIRST STEP in this process is that the DOCTOR has to be willing to accept the fact these side effects are real.  You medical “professionals” who are accepting boxes of kleenex and rolls of exam table tissue paper and clocks and vacations and free lunches and whatever the hell else Pfizer is giving you to keep prescribing this medication…. YOU NEED TO START THINKING ABOUT YOUR PATIENTS AND WHAT THEY HAVE AT STAKE HERE.   I tell you what, don’t even think about them.  Think about their families who bear the brunt of the outbursts and the psychosis and the depression and falling apart and everything else that my friends and my family went through.

I have cried all evening since watching this interview.  It’s not sobbing crazy Chantix-induced crying, it’s just the feeling that someone finally understands.  And I really don’t care if you do.  I just know someone does.

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