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Another Story of Lingering After-Effects

2011 July 20
by ChantixSurvivor
I wanted to quit smoking after forty years of smelly clothes, hair, cars etc. from smoking.  I went to my doctor in January 2011 about Chantix and was given a prescription for the drug. I waited until the end of May to take the drug as it coincided with a layoff and the extra money saved was in my pocket and not a manufacturer of cigarettes.
The first week of taking chantix with the .5 mg once per day caused no problems and I actually slowed down my smoking. The second week however the dose increased to 1 mg.  every 12 hours, after the third day I had to stop, I had no thoughts of suicide or agitation. But the side effects that I was feeling then and now 5 weeks later are still the same. Symptoms include sleeplessness, fogginess, forgetfulness, lack of desire to do anything, several times I have experienced the feeling of like looking through a fish eye lens on a camera, when this happens I have to stop whatever I am doing until the feeling passes.  I am also still feeling the effects of confusion, paranoia, anxiety, hopelessness.
[Someone I know] just received a prescription for this drug, the only thing that I could communicate to him about how the side effect feels (he works in a nursing home village) is to picture some one with Alzheimer’s, confusion, paranoia, and this is what the medication felt like to me.
[I am financially in good shape and have a good family].   So I have no idea why I keep getting feelings of paranoia and anxiety and the sleeplessness goes right along with this.
So I have quit smoking and been smoke free for 5 weeks, I have saved about $350-400 in this time but I would gladly trade back and find a different way to quit if it was possible.
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  1. Deb Roberts permalink
    June 14, 2013

    I used chantix to quit smoking in November. It worked great. I was on it for 2 1/2 months with really no side-effects. However, within about 2-3 weeks off of Chantix and to the present (six months later) I have a feeling of no montivation or caring about much, and some depression. I was wondering if Chantix can leave some type of permanent or temporary chemical embalance in the brain. I have some slight depression over the past 20 years and and on a low dose anti-depressant, but normally if I get a period of depression it only last a short time. It seems like this strange feeling is lasting much longer and doesn’t seem to go away. Absolutely no suicdal thoughts, but hopelessness, etc. Thank you for any knowledge you may have.

  2. Janice Webster permalink
    October 27, 2013

    I began Chantix exactly one year ago. Three weeks later I had the first seizure of my life and was taken off the Chantix. One year later I’m still having mini-seizures and episodes of “altered mental status” where I behave zombielike, sort of advanced sleepwalking. At least that’s what they tell me because I have no memory of the events. All of my medical tests show that I am in good health with no major concerns except these periods of walking, talking unconsciousness. My husband used Chantix with success and no problems; it messed me up and I pray it’s not for life.

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